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ergotronhome Workspace Lift35

For several years I’ve been on the lookout for the best standing desk that isn’t too expensive. The Lift35 converts any surface into a flexible sit-stand desk providing the proven health benefits of movement. I was able to set this up quickly and have been impressed with the simplicity of the desk’s hand-brake levers to […]


XYZ Printing da Vinci Mini

If you think it’s impossible for a top performing 3D printer to cost under $300, you’d be wrong. The da Vinci Mini is perfect for designing and printing 3D prototypes for businesses and replacing parts and pieces of items around the home. The unit comes with embedded Wi-Fi capabilities, offering portability and simplicity. The Mini […]



I spent close to an hour at the CleverPet booth at CES in January just watching the dog play with this amazing contraption. You sort of have to see this to believe it, but CleverPet is the first company to offer unlimited adaptive All-Day Play for dogs. Your dog’s mind will be engaged and exercised […]

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Honeywell Lyric 2 Thermostat & Lyric Water Leak & Freeze Detector

Honeywell Freeze Detector

During the hot summer months the Lyric 2 thermostat from Honeywell Home has been a life saver and a marriage saver. Lyric knows when to drop the temp of the house low enough for us to enjoy the blasting cold A/C, but then when no one’s home it brings the temperature back up to save some […]

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SodaStream Fizzi

What parent doesn’t want their college student well hydrated throughout the day? Cans of carbonated beverages are unhealthy and tap water gets boring after a while. SodaStream’s new Fizzi actually brings some excitement to water drinking with sparking water and flavoring that isn’t bad for you. Fizzi Sparking Water Maker makes carbonating water easy with […]


Fizzics Beer Maker

Sure, most college and grad school apartments have a fridge well stocked with beer, but today’s 21+ students have more refined tastes than previous generations of coeds. Enter Fizzics. This company sought to answer the age old question of why beer tastes so good fresh from the brewer’s tap, but not from a can or […]


Quirky Pivot Power Genius

Smart technology doesn’t have to be expensive. With so many electric gadgets in college dorm rooms and apartments, extra electrical outlets are a must. This power strip has four total outlets, but two of them can be turned on or off remotely from an app on your mobile device (manually or scheduled automatically from anywhere). Another […]


Corentium Digital Radon Monitor

When the discussion arises of what technology parents should send with their kids back to college this year, the thought of a radon monitor likely doesn’t make the list. That off campus apartment your daughter and her friends rented is likely very old and potentially has high levels of radon gas. The Corentium radon gas monitor […]


Dacuda PocketScan Wireless Scanner

While textbooks seem like they would be obsolete for the college student in 2016, they are not. Students are still lugging around heavy texts, but Dacuda’s PocketScan can be a lifesaver for them. This has quickly became one of the most popular tech gadgets of the year. It scans textbooks, documents and photos perfectly. PocketScan, […]

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Arris Surfboard Routers and Extenders

Today’s college students don’t remember a time of dial-up modems and wonky connections. They have come to expect lightning fast internet speeds and Arris products won’t let them down. The Arris system of routers and extenders solves the common and persistent problem of Wi-Fi dead zones. Using a unique combination of next-generation networking technology and […]

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