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Category: Wearables

Boost Band

Boost Band

With this amazing wristband you can charge any device. You no longer have to carry around a bulky charger or power bank in your pocket. This wearable option will charge your device enough to keep you going.


Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 has become the company’s most popular fitness wristband, featuring an enhanced exercise experience, new health and fitness tools powered by PurePulse heart rate tracking, smart notifications and a new sleek, design. The display is larger and easier to read and the tracking is more precise. Multi-sport modes allow for tracking specific workouts […]


TomTom Adventurer Sports Watch

I don’t understand why more people don’t include TomTom when they talk about fitness trackers. The Adventurer has modes for hiking, biking, snowboarding, swimming, skiing or running all with GPS, compass and barometer tracking. The built-in heart rate monitor is more accurate than competing sports watches. An integrated music player even holds up to 500 […]


STM Haven Laptop Backpack

STM Haven Laptop Bag

STM makes the most stylish computer laptop backpacks around and they rolled out their new Velocity Collection earlier this year. Students schlep their laptops everywhere and that means across campus on a bike or on foot rushing to class. The STM Haven is a 15” backpack that comes in four colors, offers ample space and […]


Microsoft Band 2


Microsoft Band 2 is the perfect gift for the active mother or mother of your kids. This fitness band looks beautiful and offers a lot for athletes — from running and biking to golf and strength conditioning. Band 2 boasts an ergonomic, comfortable feel and the battery will last for 2 days before needing to […]


Fitbit Blaze

FitBit Blaze

The most important thing to remember about Fitbit watches is that they are meant for fitness and not as a substitute for a smartwatch like the Apple Watch. Blaze is quite similar to previous Fitbit models, but boasts a much better battery life and can act like a traditional watch. Fitbit Blaze will fetch incoming […]

Health/Fitness Wearables


So many wearable fitness bands can only handle jogging and biking. Others have a swimming feature that is hit or miss. Magellan’s Echo is the really the first sports watch that utilizes smartphone fitness apps to their full potential by wirelessly connecting them to your wrist. Real-time sports data streams directly from phone to watch […]



Mio Alpha 2

There are so many fitness trackers on the market that it’s become impossible to tell them apart. In order to help you maximize your workout efficiency, the Mio ALPHA 2 sets itself apart by focusing on important performance data rather than how many steps you take in a day. An accurate wrist-based heart rate monitor […]