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The Best Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day 2019

Ultimate Tech Gifts for Mom – Mother’s Day 2019

Rabbi Jason Miller | 05/02/2019
Tech Entrepreneur, Rabbi and Futurist

For the women in my life, like my mother, mother-in-law and wife, I used to get them the standard Mother’s Day gifts — flowers, a card, jewelry. This changed a few years ago when I decided to go with something more practical, like a cool tech product. With Mother’s Day is coming soon, you can really make mom (and other women) happy by gifting one of the amazing tech products below. These are all useful and fun, and the women in your life won’t forget Mother’s Day 2019 if they’re presented with one of these this year. Mom will appreciate this Mother’s Day more than ever because she’ll be introduced to a new technology product she won’t believe she was ever able to live without.


Aurai Water-Propelled Eye Massager – What mom is totally stressed out these days with all the responsibilities and pressure that comes with caring for children. This Eye Massager is perfect for mothers who need some help relaxing. With this massager, Mom can get both cool and warm massages — the warm compress soothes eye strain, dry eye discomfort and improves sleep quality while the cool compress helps with dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. The unique water massage technology utilizes circulation and waves to gently relaxes muscle tension around your eyes. It’s made with Medical Grade Silicone to provide a soft, hypoallergenic silicone eye mask molding to different face shapes and effectively delivers vibration and temperature in the most soothing way. It is simple to clean and easy to maintain. Available on 

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Aurai Water-Propelled Eye Massager


Caavo Control Center – What do you get the mom or grandmother who loves watching television shows and movies, but hates the clutter of all the remote controls? Check out the Caavo, which connects up to 4 home theater and streaming media players – Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, game console, cable or satellite box, DVD or Blu-Ray player – plus a Sound Bar or Audio Video Receiver (AVR). From there, Control Center does the rest. It automatically knows which device to use, searches all your apps, finds what you want, and plays it. Caavo is easy to set up and you get the first 45 days completely free (then it’s less than $4 per month).



Kwikset kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock (with kevo Bluetooth Enabled Gateway) – What mom wouldn’t love the increased convenience, improved security and heightened connectivity that smart locks will give her? She’ll be able to remotely lock/unlock her home from her phone, and will never lose or fumble for keys again. You’ll be bragged about for months after giving her this for Mother’s Day! The Kevo Contemporary is a touch-to-open smart lock, to be used when you and your paired smartphone are nearby. It’s quick and easy to install, which is always ideal when giving someone a gift! The lock offers all the standard smart features, and then some; from knowing when kids get home from school to giving the dog walker temporary access to unlock the door from anywhere in the world if someone forgets their key (when paired with Kevo Plus gateway).

Kwikset Kevo


NextBase Dash Cam 312GW – You care about your Mom so you want her to be as safe on the road as possible. Dash cams are now the fastest growing consumer technology category. Nextbase recently launched their bestselling Dash Cams in the United States and is launching Series 2 this month. It includes such features as Alexa Auto Built-in, Emergency SOS, and AutoSync. The Nextbase Dash Cam will keep Mom ahead of the tech trends this year and also very safe. With a simple Click & Go mount, a non-tech driver can easily turn on the Dash Cam, mount it behind the rearview mirror, plug it into the car and forget it is even there. With a gift like a Nextbase Dash Cam you might even save Mom some money. The company is currently in final negotiations with multiple U.S. insurers to replicate their success overseas as the pioneer of the ‘Dash Cam Policy Discount’ – offering motorists a significant discount off of their insurance premiums when installing a Nextbase Dash Cam into their vehicles.

Nextbase Dash Ca 312GWm 312GW


Simgot EN700 Pro – These High Fidelity in-Ear Monitor Headphones come with a detachable cable. They are very clear sounding Hi-Res audio earbuds with a Dynamic Balanced Driver and noise isolation. They come in blue or red. They feature aluminum construction, and a lightweight dynamic driver for clear, natural and balanced sound reproduction. This driver delivers robust low end and crystal-clear highs, with all the detail and nuance that musicians have come to expect and demand from a professional in-ear monitor. Designed and built to perform in the most demanding environments and will meet the needs of most discerning musician and music lover. If the women in your life appreciate listening to good quality music, they’ll love these comfortable in-ear headphones. Available on

Simgot Earphones


Brilliant Home Control – Most likely your Mom is like many moms and very hesitant to turn her house into a Smart Home. If that’s the case, the Brilliant Home Control is perfect for her. She’ll be able to seamlessly control her lights, music, climate, locks and more. Brilliant installs in place of an existing light switch giving her smart controls. It’s simple to access and use directly from the wall. Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 switch control units.

Brilliant Smart Home Control