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2020 Holiday Tech Gift Guide


Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2020


2020 has been a challenging year throughout the world so this holiday season is very important. We all need something to feel good about!

Leave it to tech gadgets and personal consumer electronics to give us cause to celebrate. The deals from pre-Black Friday through Cyber Monday and into the rest of the holiday gift shopping time are better than ever. Most Americans choosing to buy their holiday gifts online this year for health and safety reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that’s truly where the best deals can be found. From phones and drones to TVs and cameras, this year’s top gifts these holidays will hopefully bring a smile to anyone’s face!

What follows is my list of the tech-related gifts you’ll want to get a head start on because the savings will be great, and you can’t guarantee they’ll be available as we get closer to the holidays. So, no matter who is on your shopping list this year, you’ll want to get a jump on things to guarantee the best deals. Remember Hanukkah begins Thursday, December 10 this year.


Escort Max Redline 360 Radar and Laser Detection – ESCORT, the leader in premium radar/laser detection and driver awareness technology, has come out with the ESCORT Redline 360c, a top-of-the-line driver alert system with unprecedented range and accuracy. With the longest detection range available, it has pinpoint accuracy and a revamped software architecture for faster processing and fewer false alerts, giving driving enthusiasts confidence behind the wheel. A truly connected system, the Redline 360c also provides access to over 100 million vehicle-to-vehicle alerts on everything from speed traps to construction to road conditions through the mobile ESCORT Live App, to keep drivers informed on the road.

Escort Radar Detector


Urbanista London True Wireless Earbuds Headphones – While the iconic white Airpods from Apple might be the most popular earbuds this holiday season, these Active Noise Cancelling headphones from Urbanista are better and are more economical. Motion sensors detect when you remove one earpiece and pause your beats or video automatically. Plus, the custom silicone earbuds provide a comfortable fit, which are ideal for sports activities or running.

Urbanista London


Elegoo Smart Robot 3.0 Car Kit Plus – STEM educational toys have gained in popularity with so many kids having to be at home over the past 9 months because of the pandemic. Elegoo’s robot kit is ideal for pre-teens and teenagers to get hands-on experience in programming, electronics assembling, and robotics knowledge. It contains 24 types of module parts including obstacle avoidance, line tracing module, and infrared remote control. This perfect gift for the creative kid can be controlled by phone and tablets (Android and iOS).

Elegoo Robot Kit - STEAM


EarFun Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case – The winner of a CES 2020 INNOVATION AWARD, these earbuds boast hi-fi stereo sound and feature dual graphene speakers that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble. They have built-in MEMS microphones with noise cancellation and are powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0, which dramatically enhances the stability and connection of the earbuds. With an ergonomic and lightweight design, they fit comfortably and snuggly in the ear and have 3 sizes of ear tip options. There is a 6-hour working time per charge for the Bluetooth headphones and 24 extra hours in the compact charging case. Available on Amazon or on the EarFun website with Black Friday sales.



Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand – “Play with Purpose” is the idea that tech toys are fun, but also educational in a hands-on manner. Thames & Kosmos creates tech toys that keep kids learning and entertained while social distancing. Taking it a step further, STEM toys can help kids develop a wide range of skills. The Mega Cyborg Hand can be configured in three ways by changing the position of the thumb and it simulates the movements of the human hand, using hydraulic power for energy transmission without motors or electricity. A child will be able to challenge herself to configure the hand to grip various items like bottles, balls, pencils, small items. While having fun they will learn how pneumatic and hydraulic systems are used in industrial robots.

Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand


Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs – You might have seen these on Shark Tank. They are the most discreet, reusable earplugs on the market. Vibes were originally designed for concertgoers and musicians (and are used by the country’s top professional orchestras and college music programs), but they’re also great for motorcycle riding, group fitness classes, loud work environments, people who are sensitive to loud sound. Each pair also includes 3 sizes of interchangeable ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit for any sized ear and they come with a pocket-sized carrying case. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are priced at $23.98/pair and can be purchased on Amazon.


Rapsodo Mobile Launch Golf Monitor – Are you shopping for any avid golfers this holiday season? You can’t go wrong with the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM). It allows golfers to improve their game by providing pro-level data like shot distance, ball speed, launch direction, and more. The MLM turns any iOS device into a portable monitor, giving instant feedback and video playbacks that can be viewed whenever and wherever. Rather than lugging around a full monitor on vacation, this device comes with a traveling case making it easy to pack and take with you anywhere this holiday season.

Mobile Launch Golf Monitor


1More PistonBuds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – These in-ears are under $50 and the perfect combination of amazing value, technology, and user-friendliness. An ideal gift for the music lover who appreciates great sound. They have 4 built-in ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) microphones combined with a DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm that recognizes and amplifies your voice to lift your phone call experience to new heights. You can pair two earbuds with one Bluetooth device for a stereo listening experience or pair each bud to two Bluetooth devices to double the fun. These little guys are lightweight and ergonomic.



PowerCast Wireless Charging Grip for Nintendo Switch – Ask any kid with a Nintendo Switch what they want for Christmas or Hanukkah this year and they’ll tell you they want a wireless charging grip. Powercast has released the first gaming product that charges over the air without wires or charging mats. It was developed to enable carefree wireless charging where gamers don’t have to dock their Joy-Cons. Powercast’s grip automatically recharges them when placed near Powercast’s PowerSpot wireless power transmitter. It can wirelessly charge two Joy-Cons and keeps their batteries topped off for about 26 hours of gameplay on one charge. Available on Amazon for $149.99.



Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier – This is a great holiday tech gift for the woman who wants to bring a portable humidifier wherever she goes for continual hydration. With USB connectivity, this is a convenient humidifier to have at your desk for work, overnight while you sleep, or at any destination. The Ultrasonic wave technology is quiet and has an efficient cool mist control. The USB power cord gives you up to 8-hours of continuous capacity with LED Illumination.

Hey Dewy Humidifier


YubiKey 5C NFC – If you’re looking for a functional and low-priced gift this year, these security keys start at only $20. With so much hacking taking place online, you can give your friends or colleagues peace of mind with the YubiKey. It’s designed to protect user’s accounts across any device, and keep hackers from logging into personal accounts even if they have the correct username and password. In fact, it’s the only method that is proven to protect against phishing attacks 100% of the time. We have keys to secure our house, our car, and anything of value, so why are our online accounts any different?

Yubico 4-in-1 USB-C Video Adapter – This silver USB-C multiport video adapter offers a portable solution for connecting your USB Type-C laptop to a VGA, DVI, HDMI® or Mini DisplayPort display. The adapter is also available in Space Gray and Rose Gold. The recipient of this convenient gift will be able to connect to virtually any display while traveling, including a secondary VGA, DVI, HDMI or mDP monitor to a notebook or MacBook. USB-C Multiport Adapter