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Cyber Monday Tech Gift Guide 2018

The Best Cyber Monday Deals for Technology Gifts


Cyber Monday is such a fun shopping day for the latest tech gifts this holiday season. From gadgets and game consoles to headphones and smartphones, there are some great deals to have. This Cyber Monday tech gift guide was so much fun to put together. I tried to include some new and different gift ideas — especially for the techie who has everything. The drastically reduced pricing of impressive smart TVs, phones, computers, audio products and more would not be imaginable a few years ago. As always, check for the best pricing online before buying.


IrisScan Book 5 – IRIScan Book 5 will scan anything, anytime. This device passes over documents, eliminating the need to separate pages from a book or magazine to have them pass through a scanner. Articles, legal documents and even visuals are immediately scanned. These documents can then be saved on the cloud or on an external hard-drive, to ensure the most important information is always accessible, anywhere, anytime. Recently, a friend asked me to send him a chapter from a book that is no longer available in print. It took me less than 3 minutes to do him the favor of scanning the chapter with IrisScan Book 5 and he was reading in within minutes.

iris scan book 5


Eero WiFi System – When was the last time you attempted to count every device in your home that uses your WiFi connection? Chances are that in 2018, you have over a dozen devices vying for as much of your precious internet connection as it can get. That number is only going to increase in the coming years. If you’re like me, you get frustrated when a device like a smart TV is buffering because it can’t get enough of your WiFi. eero is the solution for this. eero eliminates WiFi dead spots, buffering and endless reboots when connecting the rest of the smart home products. eero is fast, effective, secure and requires minimal setup. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll be up and running… and you’ll quickly forget when you didn’t have enough WiFi juice to power everything in your home.



Shinola Detroit Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors – Okay, so I might be a little biased here because I’m born and bred in Detroit, but I LOVE everything Shinola. Their watches and leather goods are beautiful and last year I fell in love with their over-ear headphones. Now Shinola has designed and developed in collaboration with Campfire Audio a professional quality sound on the move with the added convenience of simple wireless streaming.  The Shinola Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors can be paired with any of the most popular Bluetooth-enabled devices such as a phone, tablet or computer. At only $250, you’ll be jamming to your music in style and repping the iconic Detroit brand.

Shinola In Ear Monitors Ear Phones


Hampton BenjiLock – The BenjiLock is the padlock that opens with a fingerprint or key. It’s made by Hampton and sells online at The Grommet. This fingerprint lock makes it easy to secure your stuff at the gym, school, or any time you want to go keyless. Biometric technology makes your fingerprint the key that opens the durable pick- and water-resistant lock. BenjiLock can store up to 10 fingerprints, is USB rechargeable, and even has a set of keys for extra peace of mind. It sells for only $69.95 at The Grommet.

BenjiLock The Grommet


Blue Yeti Nano Microphone – When I started my own podcast last year, I realized how important high-quality sound is for a podcast. You really don’t want to sound like an amateur when you’re hosting your podcast and that’s why the Yeti Nano is ideal for the budding podcaster. At only $99, this premium USB mic delivers Blue‘s legendary studio-quality audio in a new compact and streamlined design. The mic comes in four sleek styles that look great on camera and on any desktop. Yeti Nano is essential to any creators wishlist. Even if you’re not going to podcast, this is the best mic for the money when it comes to sound quality for video conferencing or dictating documents.

Yeti Nano Microphone


Petcube Bites Teat Camera – This is one of those examples of a tech product you can’t understand how no one invented earlier. This HD pet camera monitors and flings treats at your dog. It’s adorable. You can see, talk, play, and reward your pet remotely. Yes, you can be sitting at your office and actually play with and feed your puppy (or kitty cat). From your phone, you can play fetch and keep an eye on man’s best friend. The pet camera can hold two-pounds of food or up to 100 treats. Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) gives you one less thing to worry about. When your treat supply runs low in your treat cam, Amazon can automatically reorder and ship treats directly to your home. Sells online for only $149.

Petcube Bites


eufy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – This powerful suction vacuum feels like it should cost several hundred dollars, but it’s actually under $100 and on Cyber Monday can be had for only $79.98 on The large 2200 mAh Li-ion battery delivers superior cordless performance for up to 50 minutes of vacuuming. It’s also so lightweight that you can easily carry it effortlessly around the house or up the stairs. It comes with a AC power adapter, wall mount and mounting accessories.

eufy Vacuum Portable


Dozzi Natural White Noise Machine – It seems like with each passing year, it’s more difficult for me to get a complete, uninterrupted night of sleep. The only thing that helps is a noise machine and, once again, The Grommet has found the best gadget of that category. The Dozzi modern sleep noise machine has a fan inside that creates soothing white noise, unlike others that use sound recordings. Give it a twist to open the airflow vents and amplify the sound. The device has a sleep timer, USB charger, and color-changing nightlight, and it’s small enough to take with you on vacation in order to get a good night’s sleep. It’s also useful to keep sound in if you want to maintain privacy in your office. I’ve actually used it at my office for private meetings and then brought it home to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Available at The Grommet with a Cyber Monday discounted price of $37.46 (regularly $49.95).

Dozzi The Grommet


The House of Marley No Bounds Speakers – House of Marley is known for bringing sustainable design to the audio goods market. Their most recent releases include the No Bounds series of speakers all designed using integrated cork that is lightweight, durable, naturally antimicrobial and impermeable to water, allowing it to sustain wear and tear, offer vibration assistance, and even float. Don’t let the low price point fool you, you’re getting the same sound quality as much more expensive speakers on the market. They are running a Cyber Monday sale that includes 30% off all Bluetooth speakers + Free Shipping on orders over $29.99 (use code CYBERMARLEY on their website).

House of Marley No Bounds Speaker