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Black Friday 2018


Black Friday Tech Gift Guide 2018


You might still be reliving your summer vacation, but the holiday shopping season has arrived in full force. Hanukkah begins the evening of December 2nd this year so it’s a full three weeks before Christmas. That means you need to get started on your gift list early, but that’s why the Black Friday deals are so convenient.

Black Friday has become something of a ritual for every price conscious shopper and this year’s deals are better than ever – especially when it comes to tech gadgets, phones, drones and TVs. This year’s hot gifts on Black Friday will again be 4K smart TVs, but you can be sure there will also be great deals on everything from gaming systems, tablets, headphones, speakers, wearables, home appliances and hoverboards. What follows is my list of the tech-related gifts you’ll want to get a head start on because the savings will be great, and you can’t guarantee they’ll be available as we get closer to the holidays. So, no matter who is on your shopping list this year, you’ll want to get a jump on things to guarantee the best deals.


Klipsch Reference 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System – There simply is no better speaker system than Klipsch’s Reference for the money. The sound of the Klipsch Reference system boasts amazing sound, quality precision, clarity and effortless power. These speakers are elegant and have full-length low profile magnetic grilles, and a scratch-resistant black wood grain vinyl finish. The set consists of four floor-standing speakers (R-625FA Dolby Atmos enabled, R-820F, R-620F, and R-610F), two center channels (R-52C and R-34C), four bookshelf speakers (R-51M, R-41M and two powered monitors R-41PM and R-51PM), one Dolby Atmos elevation speaker that can also be used as a surround speaker (R-41SA), and two powered subwoofers (R-120SW and R-100SW). There’s no need for an external receiver and they connect easily to a turntable, television, computer or wireless device. The powered monitors are equipped with an integrated phono pre-amp, Bluetooth wireless technology, digital optical, and analog RCA and USB inputs. A new feature and a first for Klipsch powered monitors is Dynamic Bass EQ that dynamically increases volume at low frequencies to match the human ear’s ability to perceive bass. I set up this speaker system in my basement and I’m really enjoying the true sound that emanates from all of my devices. I can’t recommend this enough.

Klipsch Reference Speaker System


TCL Roku TVs – To my mind, one of the best tech inventions over the past few years has been the smart TVs with Roku built in. TCL makes beautiful televisions that are well-made, have a clear and vibrant picture, and are so simple to navigate. The GUI (graphical user interface) is the best of any comparable TVs on the market and the Roku works flawlessly. I use it to watch Sling TV, Netflix, Amazon’s Prime TV and more. I’ve hung TCL’s 65″ model in my office and recently added a 40″ to my fitness room. TCL’s superior 4K UHD picture quality with Dolby Vision delivers the ultimate HDR imaging experience. While Samsung, Sony and Sharp might be the names more people talk about this holiday season, don’t miss out on the great deals on the TCL models. You can’t go wrong.



Chaval SuperNova Heated Gloves – Sitting at a recent football game in the freezing cold weather, my son looked at me as I was complaining about how cold my hands were and said, “Where are your Chaval gloves?” Great question. The Chaval SuperNova gloves use a proprietary, paper-thin, nanotech polymer film to warm your hands. Wylie Moreshead, who has over 20 years experience innovating in the semiconductor industry, invented these gloves. These gloves are effective and efficient. After turning on the gloves, that’s all you have to do. They really keep your hands super warm. There’s no settings to worry about; the gloves manage the heat through a process of “micro-regulation” where the heating elements sense and then react to places that need warmth. Price on the web: $425

Chaval SuperNova


Febreze OdorGrabAir Cleaner- If your laundry room is anything like our family’s, with sweaty gym clothes and basketball socks, then you probably know the smell leaves something to be desired. That’s why I put one of these Febreze Air Cleaners over the washing machine. Febreze created this new air cleaner appliance, which is ideal for bedrooms, laundry rooms and bathrooms. The device uses a carbon-based filter to absorb odors from the air that passes through the Air Cleaner and a Febreze linen & sky scent cartridge to add freshness back into the filtered air. It’s really improved the smell of our laundry room and I could see why people would use this in their office too.

Febreeze Air Freshener


Vivitar Drone – Drones are just plain cool and they’re only getting easier to use as the technology improves. Vivitar’s new AeroView drone is a quadcopter drone with a built-in camera. The drone makes an excellent holiday gift at the affordable price point of $129.99, and Black Friday sales are as low as $79.99. Some of the features include real-time GPS transmission, an auto trim function, one-key return, and auto hover. Vivitar’s Follow Me function with the mobile app allows the drone to track the pilot’s every move while it follows behind at a safe distance.
Vivitar Drone