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Blink Security Cameras

Blink Home Security

Blink is a completely wireless, battery-operated system that delivers instant monitoring from any location through the Blink app. More homeowners are turning to security cameras to protect and monitor their homes and the majority of these rely on more than one camera. Blink is affordable and and it’s easy to add more cameras. Blink is […]

Home Security

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Control

Rachio SMART Technology - Lawn Sprinklers

Every household appliance is becoming Smart Technology so why shouldn’t your sprinkler system? Similar to a smart thermostat, a smart sprinkler controller makes economic sense because it will pay for itself and then save your household money (it really will save money even in the first year and rebates are also available nationwide through the […]

Connected Home Home


The Smart Home is the new rage, but your friends might be apprehensive about turning all their household appliances into 21st century smart devices. Help them slowly transform their home into the Digital Age and save them some money along the way. The round Lyric thermostat is very similar to the Nest, but has improved […]

Gadgets Home


The Welcome camera from Netatmo isn’t your typical security camera. Think of it more as a Nanny Cam that recognizes faces. It uses facial recognition to provide notifications about who’s in the home. All data is stored locally on an 8GB SD card included with the camera. Users can also watch a live stream in […]

Home Security


One of the best gifts to friends and family is the gift of security. Netgear’s Arlo is an impressive security system with battery-operated 720p-resolution, motion-sensing, night-vision-equipped, indoor/outdoor cameras. These pocket-sized cameras retain the resolution and on-demand video feed of a typically-tethered camera, but without the typical electrical cords. Arlo’s mobile app is simple, but impressive. […]

Home Security


TiVo Bolt  lets multiple users record their favorite television shows and movies (four at once), as well as stream content from just about every provider. TiVo has loaded this unit with features that simply makes your standard cable box DVR seem like an 8-track player. Simply place a CableCARD into TiVo Bolt and there’s no […]

Home Video

TiVo Roamio Pro:

Perfect for the fraternity or sorority house, or for the off-campus house with multiple TV lovers. The TiVo Roamio lets multiple users record their favorite television shows and movies, as well as stream content from just about every provider. This is TiVo’s best DVR yet. Simply put a CableCARD in and there’s no more need […]


Amped Wireless RE1750A Wi-Fi Range Extender

This is the fastest and most powerful Wi-Fi range extender on the market. Ideal for students who aren’t picking up the strongest available Wi-Fi signal in their dormitory, sorority, fraternity or off-campus house. This range extender from a company known for technology innovation can provide up to 12,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage, which will […]