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Cassia Hub

Cassia Hub

Think about how many Bluetooth devices there will be in the typical college dorm room or apartment this school year. Cassia Networks new Cassia Hub allows them all to be controlled from one iOS device. The hub extends the range of all Bluetooth devices on the network. Users can set the mood using an iPhone […]

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Arris Surfboard Routers and Extenders

Today’s college students don’t remember a time of dial-up modems and wonky connections. They have come to expect lightning fast internet speeds and Arris products won’t let them down. The Arris system of routers and extenders solves the common and persistent problem of Wi-Fi dead zones. Using a unique combination of next-generation networking technology and […]

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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Control

Rachio SMART Technology - Lawn Sprinklers

Every household appliance is becoming Smart Technology so why shouldn’t your sprinkler system? Similar to a smart thermostat, a smart sprinkler controller makes economic sense because it will pay for itself and then save your household money (it really will save money even in the first year and rebates are also available nationwide through the […]

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When I was a kid, everything managed to find its way onto our family’s refrigerator with the assistance of a magnet. With the prevalence of stainless steel fridges, my own family has found alternative ways to hang up our kids’ art projects, invitations and funny comic strips. I’ve always looked for a more techie way […]

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Omgate Garage Door Opener App

I’ve always thought of my garage door as old technology. Even after replacing it recently, nothing on it seemed like an upgrade — not even the infrared safety sensors. Israeli developers at Omgate have brought the garage door into the 21st century with some simple hacks and a mobile app. With a small, working model […]

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