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When I was a kid, everything managed to find its way onto our family’s refrigerator with the assistance of a magnet. With the prevalence of stainless steel fridges, my own family has found alternative ways to hang up our kids’ art projects, invitations and funny comic strips. I’ve always looked for a more techie way to do this and Triby is it. The other thing missing from homes these days is a family telephone. Triby is a connected WiFi phone and wireless speaker all in one that brings me back to the days of leaving messages on the fridge and gathering around the family phone. From music sharing, hands-free VoIP and mobile phone calls and a connected message board, Triby has it all. It’s ideal for leaving each other messages or listening to music in the kitchen. It’s also perfect for younger kids who don’t have their own mobile phone, but need the ability to make a quick and easy call in an emergency. $199

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