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Why the Groove Wallet is Groovy AND Secure

Why the Groove Wallet is Groovy AND Secure

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About 20 years ago I realized that keeping my wallet (the traditional leather trifold type) in my back pocket was causing severe backaches while driving. I wisely switched to a money clip. Then, right before the COVID pandemic started I made the switch to one of those fancy slim wallets with a money clip. It was great and I loved it, but it didn’t have all of the functionality of a really secure model.

RFID Wallet - Groove Life

A month ago I was introduced to the Groove Wallet by Groove Life. I was already quite familiar with the company from their super cool and comfy rings (an ideal alternative for a wedding ring while playing sports!) so I knew their entry into the wallet space would be impressive. I was right. The Groove Wallet is both Groovy and secure. It protects all of my credit cards because it’s RFID Proof with aerospace-grade material that can last a lifetime and block all RFID transmission.

It features Friction Fit silicone bumpers to keep credit cards and IDs from sliding back down once arrayed. With a “Single Thumb Swipe,” you can grab any card and the secure hold is impressive. I have put over 8 cards in it (even though it says 8 is the max). The material (all made in the good ole US of A of course) is super good looking (I went with the black with brown leather model) and built to last. The money clip (for cash or extra cards) is made of a black anodized, high-strength 6063 aluminum alloy spring clip. At 8.5mm thin, it’s a low profile look and feel so you’ll even forget it’s in your pocket.

Groove Life has certainly done it. They made a good-looking, fashionable wallet/money clip that is uber RFID secure.

…and when you visit the Groove Life website to order your wallet, check out many of their other great products that, for a limited time this holiday season, are included in a BOGO sale so go grab some gifts for someone special!

Check it out here

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