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EASTON POWER SENSOR (Easton/BlastMotion)

EASTON POWER SENSOR (Easton/BlastMotion)

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I’m one of the coaches of my 12-year-old son’s travel baseball team and one thing we have noticed while practicing indoors during the winter is that these boys can improve greatly if they increase their bat speed. Trying to judge how fast a player’s swing is with the naked human eye is not very accurate. That’s why I was thrilled to see Blast Motion’s Easton Power Sensor in action at CES. This precision motion sensor combines highly accurate, advanced 3D motion with mobile video to provide important metrics for any baseball or softball player. The power sensor and universal bat attachment slip over the knob of any brand or model bat so a coach can capture, analyze and improve the swing. With the Smart Video Capture technology, it automatically identifies swings and then clips the video to create a series of highlights, overlaid with the metrics (swing speed, time to contact, swing direction, power, efficiency, etc). $149.95

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