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Cleer NC Noise Cancelling Headphone

Cleer NC Noise Cancelling Headphone

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The soft leather ear pads on cleer’s over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones are beautifully designed and provide some crystal clear high-definition audio. The word silence keeps coming to mind as these are no doubt some of the best noise cancelling headphones you’ll ever travel with on a plane. The active noise control isolates external environmental noise when listening to your favorite song or making a phone call by actively attenuating the external noise at a low frequency. Since our human ears hear less bass frequency at low sound levels than at high sound levels, the bottom-end bass frequencies tend to get lost when the volume level is reduced. To prevent this fall-out, cleer designed its PASC (Psycho-Acoustic Spectral Compensation) sound technology inside the digital signal processor to boost the bass levels by emphasizing low frequencies within the music.

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