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The Best Tech Gifts for Father’s Day 2019

The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2019

Rabbi Jason Miller | 06/1/2019
Tech Entrepreneur, Rabbi and Futurist

Why resort to giving Dad the old fashioned Father’s Day gifts this year? After all, we’re pretty deep into the Digital Age. Dad can buy his own socks (although this is a cool idea for socks) and sweaters so this year give Dad and Grandpa what they really want… Cool Tech Gadgets!

Looking for some ideas? Tech these out…



Epson ET-M3170 EcoTank Printer – Is your father still using a printer from a bygone error when he had to buy expensive replacement ink cartridges? Well, you can make his life a whole lot easier with this Epson EcoTank Printer. This tank printer produces ultra-sharp text and remarkable image detail. Epson’s EcoTank series allows high print volume with users saving up to 75 percent with low-cost replacement bottles vs. mono laser toner. It features fast first page out speeds with virtually no warmup time and lower power consumption vs. laser, the printers are able to speed through short print jobs all while saving energy. Additional key features include a 250-sheet paper tray, auto 2-sided printing, an exclusive EcoFit bottle design uniquely keyed for easy filling, convenient wireless printing from smartphones and tablets, voice-controlled printing, Wi-Fi Direct, and Ethernet.

Como Audio Duetto Speaker – Help Dad play his favorite music throughout the house! This beautiful, luxury speaker features a 3.2” display and more drivers to fill a bigger room. The music systems from Como Audio are designed to make all of the music content that is available today accessible at the touch of a button with no need to interrupt phone calls or to use an app or remote control to listen to music from all sources including Spotify, Internet, Bluetooth or FM radio. This smart speaker delivers robust, high-fidelity sound in a beautiful, compact design. All Como Audio products come with presets for Dad’s favorite music sources, a color display for Artist/Song metadata and available album art, clock with dual independent alarms, Internet Radio accessing 20,000 stations including Podcasts, multi-room capability, Bluetooth with aptX, Google Cast/Amazon Dot-ready. They include an optional remote control unit, as well as free iOS and Android “Como Control” app. Each product will receive updates through the Internet.

GrillBot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot – There’s not a Dad in the world who doesn’t want the GrillBot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot this Father’s Day. This battery powered robot can clean a grill at any time, even if it’s freshly used and hot. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery does a great job keeping this device going. It’s nice that the device will automatically shut itself off within 10 to 20 minutes after it finishes its job. This is an awesome Father’s Day gift for someone who loves to grill out, who wouldn’t want a device to clean their grill to pristine quality, without any excessive user input required. Turn it on and watch it go! Worried it might fall off the grill and break? Don’t worry because it comes with a 3-year 100% money back guarantee! The brushes are 100% rust proof, and dishwasher safe, too.


Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand – If Dad enjoys bike riding and gets frustrated when it rains, this is a wonderful Father’s Day gift idea for him. He’ll really love the Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand in the winter. It’s built with a wide base and low stance for unshakable balance, and features 5 adjustable anti-slip rubber feet to even out any uneven flooring. The bike stand has a seamless design with a noise reduction resistance wheel. The bike stand has six resistant settings and an easy release. The Indoor Bike Trainer Stand fits any road or mountain bike with a 26-28″ or 700c wheel. Sells on Amazon.


Nuheara IQStream TV Audio Streamer – Nuheara has developed a reputation for helping us hear music better. Now, the company is out to help us hear the TV better. If your father or grandfather struggles to hear the television, the Nuheara streamer is for him. IQstream TV provides direct streaming of the TV to IQbuds (a few models are available) while others can listen at their own volume levels. Unique to IQbuds BOOST and IQstream TV, Dad will be able to control their volume and have conversations with other people in the room, if they choose, with a simple world on/off tap on the buds. Most importantly, Dad will no longer need to turn up the TV volume to a level that family, friends or neighbors may find inconvenient. Sells for only $99, but all Nuheara products are on sale at 20% off during their limited Father’s Day promotion.


GoFish Underwater Camera – The GoFish Underwater Camera is an epic accessory for any father who loves to fish. He can record the crazy events that happen around his fishing line, live. Using this device, he will be able to watch as fish grab at the bait on his fishing line, or as other fish try to make that their food instead. Maybe he’ll just want to spy on a few jellyfish? Even better yet, he’ll be recording in 1080p at 60fps. In other words, he’ll see the activity around your line with crystal clear quality! Worried about fishing too deep? This wonderful device can survive as deep as 500 feet. GoFish Cam is available at for $239.99.


Wacom Cintiq 16 – You might just call it a drawing pad, but the Wacom Clintiq 16 creative pen display is simply incredible. This wondrous Wacom Clintiq 16 tablet offers you an incredible way to create digital art no matter where you are. It will feel as natural as drawing on actual paper with how precise and responsive the Wacom Clintiq 16 creative pen display really is. The color definition is phenomenal, and the glare protected screen should keep you safe from any blinding or distracting glare. This device won’t disappoint and Dad will absolutely love it!


Papago GoSafe 535 DashCam – Are you looking for a dash cam to keep Dad or Grandpa safer when they drive? The Papago dash cams offers a safe way to record your journeys! Maybe that’s not why you want the dash cam, though. Maybe you’re just looking for a little bit of extra safety? Papago! dash cams will alert you when it thinks you might be a little too close to something. It uses high-end technology to warn you of danger. If you were intending to record your trips, every trip is saved to an easy to access SD card.


Inside Coach Connected Soccer Ball – This smart soccer ball is the ideal gift for the soccer-playing men in your life. This smart soccer ball can coach the participant while they practice. The Inside Coach Smart Soccer Ball provides real-time coaching cues, statistics on touches, passes, kicks, speed, distance & more. The ball technology provides real-time coaching feedback through a mobile App compatible with iOS and Android. It weighs and plays the same as a premium soccer ball while it is able to seamlessly capture and analyze the ball motion. It provides real-time coaching cues, statistics, challenges and encouragements tailored to improve player engagement, agility and overall performance.




Secure Drive Secure USB KP – Secure Drive makes the best, most secure products for the techie. These USB drives come in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options. They are IP57 Dust and Water Resistant, have hardware encryption of AES256-bit XTS and are OS Independent, meaning they work across and with any OS and devices. The user is able to create a password to encrypt the data on the USB drive. Dad will be grateful for a Father’s Day gift that helps him take his data with him on the road, but rest assured that his data will be kept private and secure. Comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty.


OWC Envoy Pro Mini – This is the Solid State Drive that Dad wants. Trust me! Whether he’s a techie or just wants to share family photos, Dad will love this drive. It can transfer data at up to 450 MB/s! That’s almost half a gig! On top of that, an OWC Envoy Pro Mini can carry up to a Terabyte of information! All of this comes in a tiny USB stick that’s easy to keep anywhere a standard USB jump drive could fit. It will work fine whether you use Apple, or PC. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

Enovy Pro mini


Kicker CushBT Headphones – If you suspect that your Dad or Grandpa has been looking for a good wireless headset, look no further than this amazing Father’s Day gift. The Kicker CushBT Headphones are incredible, with a battery life of up to 20 hours there’s no reason to be afraid that it might die when you need it the most. The Kicker Cush BT Headphones are built with the most comfortable materials you’ll find! Most importantly, if you’re looking for a headset with epic bass then the Kicker CushBT Headphones, this is the best gift.

SimpleSence Leak Detector – No one wants a wet basement or a home that has leaks. Especially, your Dad! The answer for detecting leaks in your home quickly is the SimpleSENCE Leak Detector. The SimpleSENCE Leak Detector will send wireless alerts to your phone when it detects moisture or freezing temperatures. The SimpleSENCE leak detection is the first line of defense for in-home leak and freeze protection, using advanced technology to provide 24/7 monitoring and alert notification to the user’s alert list, anywhere in the world. The standalone and self-containedSimpleSENCE operates via Wi-Fi, connecting directly to a router without requiring a smart-home hub or additional equipment (not to mention no subscription costs). This is a major differentiator, as sensors without a Wi-Fi connection that require a smart hub have proven to be a significant barrier to entry for many consumers. The small yet ergonomic design of the SimpleSENCE detector allows for optimal placement in any leak prone area, even in the tightest spots. Set up of the SimpleSENCE is extremely fast and simple: the SimpleSENCE app provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. The user can also choose their preferred mode of alert: text, email, or both to their smartphone as soon as a leak or freezing condition is detected.


igloohome Smart Padlock – I first heard of this awesome padlock when it was introduced on Indiegogo. They were 150% funded within the first hour of launching it there. igloohome designed this padlock to be the world’s most versatile, remotely-managed padlock, which is great for convenient access control. It boasts a unique PIN code technology that allows users to receive access codes without the need for an additional app download. It can be customized for different access levels for different people (e.g. One-Time, duration, permanent PIN codes). The best feature of this smart lock is that Dad can unlock it with Bluetooth. It’s ideal for the father or grandfather who needs you (or a caregiver) to be able to get into a storage locker without having to know a code. Comes with a free mobile app from igloohome.


Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo – Maybe your Dad has a need for moving data from one computer to another. Or maybe he wants to travel with his data when on vacation or a business trip. The DataTraveler Bolt Duo device can plug into a device and offers 64 GB of added storage. It’s plenty of added storage (more than enough to store entire hours of video). It’s very small (not even 2 inches long). If Dad likes to record video, he will rest comfortably knowing he won’t have to stop recording dance recital, graduation, birthday, or another event early because he’s out of recording space on his camera.


ConnectSense Smart Outlet – With this device, Dad can easily control and monitor devices in his home. The Smart Outlet is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant ecosystems allowing for easy control through the app or using voice commands. The Outlet offers two separately controlled outlets and a 2.4A USB charging port for convenience. Available now on and Amazon. This outlet can provide power for two devices that would normally need to plug into a wall. On top of that, by using assistant devices like Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, you can control these two mobile outlets! Turn a lamp on or off with the power of words! These outlets are also Wi-Fi connected, making it easy to monitor the device’s usage or even shut the outlets off remotely.


ToughTested Charge XIP Illuminate – ToughTested is dedicated to providing workers and adventurers with the technology tools needed to complete their mission anywhere the job or adventure may take them. Emergency Lighting is achieved with XIP’s super bright, 20-watt flashing LED light array including White, Red or Flash capability. The flashlight illuminates over 100’, offering 3 modes including an SOS flash. Work Lighting is accessible through XIP’s magnetic mounting; the XIP readily mounts to metal surfaces like car hoods and tool boxes, giving light to dim spaces. Bike Light with the included silicone strap. XIP provides up to 2 charges for the average Smartphone Waterproof rating makes XIP ideal in any weather condition or recreational setting. Ever feel like there are just too many choices when you just want something simple to let you charge your devices on the go? You should give a ToughTested XIP device a try. Dad will love this handy device.


Kanto YU6 – Dad will love the amazing sound quality he’ll get from a set of Kanto YU6 Speakers. Whether he’s an audiophile or just appreciates good quality sound, he’ll appreciate the amplification and beauty of the Kanto speakers. They come with a remote, power cord, speaker wire and auxilary cable. Automatic standby and power-up mode conserves power when you’re away and continues playback when your music starts playing.

Gourmia GFD1950 Digital Food Dehydrator Won’t Dad think it’s fun that he can use a food dehydrator to create dried food including chips, crackers, granola, trail nut mixes, herbs, fruit rolls, and even, jerky? Making any of these items in your own kitchen means that you’ll know exactly what goes into them (no chemicals or additives), and you can control or modify the ingredients to suit your taste and diet. It’s easier than ever to save money, be sustainable and create tasty snacks for yourself and the whole family to enjoy! Comes with 9 trays so you can create different types of dehydrated foods in one convenient batch at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried foods. Plus the dehydrator has a digital temperature setting that provides accurate drying times and temperatures. This product even comes with a cookbook to get Dad started!



Open Me Smart Pill Bottle – This tech gift is ideal for the older Dad or Grandpa who pops pills in the morning. The OpenMe Smart Pill Bottle is a Bluetooth based Pill Bottle that monitors and reminds people to take medication via sound, light and smartphone notification to self and remote caregivers/family members. The pill bottle uses Voice Assistants to remind and monitor pill comsumption. Why not give the gift of good health this Father’s Day?


Groove Rings – Is your husband or father constantly losing his wedding ring because he takes it off at the gym or before he goes for a swim? Give him the gift of not having to worry about that anymore. Groove Ring is the world’s first breathable silicone ring. With Groove Ring’s new Try-On program, he’ll be able to try on 5 Rings for 5 days. He’ll choose the ring he likes with the right fit and send back the rest with no risk and no shipping cost. I’ve been wearing a Groove Ring when I play sports or work out at the gym for years and I love it. It’s more comfortable than my traditional wedding band.

Groove Rings - mens_silicone_rings