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Know someone who enjoys music with their workout? This will be their most practical gift this holiday season. I fell in love with these headphones the first time I put them on. They actually stay in place during running! They are lightweight and comfortable with ultra-high quality sound, clarity and power. They also have a […]



These are not your typical ear buds. If you’re looking for a gift for a friend who really appreciates high quality sound, they will love these earphones. They’re made from solid brass and hand-finished, these earphones feature a distinctive form with ergonomic and elegant details, including laser etching and mirrored accents that reflect light. A […]



TiVo Bolt  lets multiple users record their favorite television shows and movies (four at once), as well as stream content from just about every provider. TiVo has loaded this unit with features that simply makes your standard cable box DVR seem like an 8-track player. Simply place a CableCARD into TiVo Bolt and there’s no […]

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Samsung S6 Edge+

Samsung S6 Edge+

My wife isn’t very picky when it comes to cellphones so it surprised me to see how excited she got the first time she held her new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. She loved how big the screen was, but also commented that it was thin, light and so easy to use. Great quality was the term […]


Magellan MiVue 658


Dashcams have been much more popular in European countries than in the United States, but that’s quickly changing. Dashcams like Magellan’s MiVue 658 are game changers in the dashcam market. As the price has come down on these impressive gadgets, more people are recognizing the advantage in having proof of what really happened on the […]

Auto Navigation/GPS

FitBit Surge

Everyone might be talking about the Apple Watch, but if you want to get your favorite college student the smartwatch they’ll really get the most out of, check out the Surge from FitBit. Available online and at retail stores. The monochrome touchscreen display is easy to read in sunshine and it lights up blue to […]

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TiVo Roamio Pro:

Perfect for the fraternity or sorority house, or for the off-campus house with multiple TV lovers. The TiVo Roamio lets multiple users record their favorite television shows and movies, as well as stream content from just about every provider. This is TiVo’s best DVR yet. Simply put a CableCARD in and there’s no more need […]


Monster SuperStar BackFloat Speaker

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Monster Products is ideal for the shower or pool. It’s the perfect Back-to-School gift for the college student who needs some loud music in the shower before that early morning class. The BackFloat has a built-in microphone with advanced noise cancellation for hands-free calling and conferencing. It comes with a […]


Amped Wireless RE1750A Wi-Fi Range Extender

This is the fastest and most powerful Wi-Fi range extender on the market. Ideal for students who aren’t picking up the strongest available Wi-Fi signal in their dormitory, sorority, fraternity or off-campus house. This range extender from a company known for technology innovation can provide up to 12,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage, which will […]


Ultimate Ears UE ROLL

Everyone knows college students love their music and they have to be able to take it with them. In 2015, no one is shlepping a heavy stereo to the park to play Ultimate Frisbee, but simply putting on your favorite playlist on your cellphone won’t be loud enough either. The UE ROLL from Ultimate Ears […]