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Best Back to School Tech Products 2018

Best Back to School Tech Products 2018

Rabbi Jason Miller | 08/17/2018
Tech Entrepreneur, Rabbi and Futurist

It’s back to school time and that means millions of parents posting those adorable “back-to-school” pics on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. One thing you’ll notice about these posts of the children and teens is that there’s also a lot of technology in the photos. The kids are holding their iPhones, wearing smartwatches and have a new laptop in their backpack. There’s also a good possibility that their laptop has a battery pack to keep everything charged throughout their day at school. When these kids are in school there’s no end to the number of tech gadgets they’ll get their hands on. When they get home from school, they’ll immediately head to their bedrooms to use their own technology, which will include video game consoles, tablets, drones and probably even some robots that they coded themselves. They might even be found drinking from a water bottle that reports their water intake to their parents’ mobile app. For the college students and grad students, there’s likely even more technology that they’re using on a daily basis. While today’s college dorm rooms are no bigger than the dorm rooms from a generation ago, the amount of technology in these dwellings seems generations into the future. This year’s roundup of the Best Back to School Tech Products is an impressive grouping of must-haves and gadgets a previous generation only dreamed of.


PSB M4U 8 WIRELESS ACTIVE NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES – PSB Speakers have a well-deserved reputation for their headphone design. The M4U 8 wireless Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphone with Tri-Mode operation and RoomFeel technology are the ideal noise cancelling cans for the college student. Whether for air travel or to block out a snoring roommate, these headphones boast a truly amazing sound and have a beautiful design. These over-ear headphones are targeted for the performance-minded music lover on-the-go and are only $399.

CASIO PRIZM FX-CG50 – The Casio calculator has changed so much since we were kids. Everyone had the same graphing calculator for several generations, but the new PRIZM blows the previous models out of the water! The FX-CG50 boasts an improved catalog function so students can use commands more quickly. Plus, with 3D graphing, users can easily draw 3D graphs such as planes, cylinders, and spheres, and view them from various angles. It is also equipped with Picture Plot technology which enables users to plot points on top of real-life pictures. The best part is that it sells for around $100 and will be used for many years of high school and college math classes.


KODAK SCANZA DIGITAL FILM AND SLIDE SCANNER – When junior has to do a school project that includes photos of his grandparents and great-grandparents, you might find that your best photographs are only on old slides or negatives. Don’t worry. Those precious memories won’t fade into obscurity thanks to Kodak’s SCANZA scanner, which converts film to JPEG and optimizes a variety of films including 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 and 8mm negatives. Simply scan and save your photos to your computer or a microSD card to preserve, edit, print, and share. $169.99 and available on and at BestBuy stores.


CAT S61 SMARTPHONE – No, not every college student uses an iPhone. There are many other phones on the market today that rival the best iPhones. One example of a very durable phone that gives Apple a run for its money is the CAT S61. Part of the Caterpillar brand, which is well known for rugged durability, the S61 is an Android-based phone that features a 4500mAh battery for up to 35 hours of talk time, is scratch resistant with Gorilla Glass 5 and drop proof up to 6 feet on concrete. It boasts FLIR thermal imaging technology – measures temps up to 400º Celsius, Laser-assisted measurement, an air quality sensor and it’s IP68 and IP69 rated (not only depth rated, but you can also power wash it as well!). $999.99


Kanto Audio SYD Speaker – Kanto has figured out how to make a compact speaker both aesthetically beautiful and have powerful sound. Ideal for small living quarters like an apartment or dorm room, the SYD has built-in Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptX™ technology
so you can stream your audio seamlessly in hi-def from any mobile device. I recently used the SYD at a football tailgate and the complaint I have was that too many people came over to ask me where to get one. Available in four colors and comes with comes with a low-profile stand that provides 16 degrees of tilt for optimal positioning.


SleepPhones EFFORTLESS – I was first introduced to SleepPhones a few years back and I was immediately a fan. Now, they have released the Effortless model, which is a Bluetooth-enabled headphones inside of a soft headband, complete with induction charging technology for a completely wireless experience. These extremely comfortable headphones are ideal for use in bed, for traveling, relaxing, listening to audiobooks, etc. It’s so easy to pair these with your phone and they have a range of between 15-30 feet. SleepPhones can last up to 10 hours and that it only takes 3 hours to fully charge them. Plus, you can choose the fabric between a fleece headband and a breeze handband. You’ll love falling asleep with the very comfy SleepPhones on your head. $149.95


SOUNDSTREAM H2GO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Students these days want to share their music with their friends when they’re hanging out together. They also need to keep their phone charged up. The H2Go Bluetooth speaker from Soundstream offers both. It’s a Power Bank and also a powerful speaker. It utilizes a marine grade polymer to protect from all elements. This protection allows you to use your speaker anywhere, including the pool or beach without worry. Teens and college students will love that you can link multiple speakers via true wireless stereo technology providing stereo sound. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.


BRYDGE KEYBOARD – I’ve been looking for the best portable keyboard for the iPad and I think I finally found it with the Brydge. They have keyboards for the new iPad 6th Gen (2018), iPad 5th Gen (2017), iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 1. They’re available in Silver, Space Gray and Gold. These keyboards hold their charge, are very durable and super comfortable. Your student might find they don’t even need an expensive laptop since they can do all their work on their iPad in their bedroom with their Brydge keyboard attached. The 9.7, which I have been using is available on the Brydge website for under $100.

NAD VISO HP70 NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES – NAD Electronics doesn’t mess around when it comes to home audio. These premium wireless, full-size headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) are game-changers. These are NAD’s first wireless headphone and the company’s most advanced design to date. The HP70 offers the freedom of wireless with the performance of a wired headphone. At $399 this is a great deal for the audiofile college or grad student.


TOAST PS4 COVER – A few years ago I ordered a custom-made Toast slim wood cover for my Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Ever since then I’ve loved the way my tech gadgets look when they’re wrapped in a wood cover. I recently had a slim wood cover made by Toast for my son’s PS4 unit. It looks amazing. I highly recommend these as a way to personalize your game console (or phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). You can upload your art directly to the website and then just wait for your easy-to-assemble Toast cover to arrive.


CHERRY MW 4500 MOUSE – Not all wireless mice are created the same. The Cherry MW 4500 Mouse is a top of the line ergonomic, wireless mouse that’s designed to reduce wrist strain and offer excellent user comfort due to its unique angled design. Its unique upright shape prevents the discomfort of the joints and tendons. Plus, an abrasion-resistant surface ensures it will retain its luster, even after significant use. $28.67

EUFY BODY SENSE SMART SCALE – With college students being so conscious about their fitness, it makes sense that college dorm rooms, fraternity/sorority houses and college apartments have smart scales in the bathrooms. With this smart scale from Eufy, you can instantly learn 12 insightful measurements of your body’s health, such as Weight, Body Fat, BMI, Bone Mass and Muscle Mass. The EufyLife app automatically records insightful health data. The scale has 2 pairs of super-sensitive sensors to ensure precise and correct measurements. Plus, with up to 20 accounts, users can track their health measurements.

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KEEZEL – If your kid is connecting to WiFi in their college dorm you should be worried about their online privacy. Keezel takes the guesswork out of online privacy and security. This little device encrypts everything you send out. Easily connect your Keezel to nearby WiFi and enjoy your private and secure internet. Keezel blocks ads and phishing attempts, reducing the risk of nasty malware infections or ransomware attacks. It’s portable and boasts an 8000 mAh battery inside that you can even use to charge your phone or tablet. Perhaps the best part is that you can access streams, websites and sports that are blocked in your region. Plus, Keezel allows you to circumvent censorship.

POLAROID POP INSTANT DIGITAL CAMERA – Kids will LOVE this small Polaroid instant camera that has a 3.97” LCD viewfinder touchscreen. No computer is necessary since you can simply print your pictures on the go. The Polaroid POP’s self-timer lets you take the perfect selfies too. Features include a 1080p Video to Photo-Booth Mode, Image Stabilization and Built-In Flash. Sells for around $160 on

Polaroid POP+Blue+2

ZAGG SLIMBOOK IPAD KEYBOARD FROM VERIZON – You can’t send your college student off this fall without a good, durable keyboard for their iPad. There’s no easier way to take notes in class than on a portable tablet. This multi-functional tablet keyboard from Zagg has a detachable case, provides four modes for on-the-go performance, and a super-slim profile for portability. Only $119.99

iFi NANO BLACK LABEL DAC/AMP – College students want their headphones to offer maximum performance. With this device from iFi Audio, you’ll be able to listen to your music 6 times more powerfully than from an iPhone. Advanced engineering allows for balanced wiring making this perfect for single-ended and balanced headphones alike. You can connect directly to your smartphone or PC using the USB A digital input. It’s small and lightweight with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that provides up to 10 hours of non-stop music enjoyment on the go.