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Amped Wireless RE1750A Wi-Fi Range Extender

This is the fastest and most powerful Wi-Fi range extender on the market. Ideal for students who aren’t picking up the strongest available Wi-Fi signal in their dormitory, sorority, fraternity or off-campus house. This range extender from a company known for technology innovation can provide up to 12,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage, which will […]


Ultimate Ears UE ROLL

Everyone knows college students love their music and they have to be able to take it with them. In 2015, no one is shlepping a heavy stereo to the park to play Ultimate Frisbee, but simply putting on your favorite playlist on your cellphone won’t be loud enough either. The UE ROLL from Ultimate Ears […]


Parrot Bebop Drone


A drone might not be a required device to pack for college, but it will certainly be a fun, attention-catching toy for a creative college student. This compact, durable, easy-to-use quadcopter is great for capturing overhead video and photos. The Parrot Bebop is one of the most popular recreational use drones on the market and […]